Kristine Arinos - Doula and Childbirth Educator in the Centre and HaSharon Area
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Emotional Preparation for Labour
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My name is Kristine Arinos.  I am 29 and I am currently living in Kfar Yona.  I moved to Israel from Vancouver, Canada in 2006. 


After giving birth to my son, Daniel, in 2010 here in Israel, I realized how important it is for every woman to have support during their pregnancy and labour.  If Hebrew is your second language, it can feel very lonely and frustrating to be surrounded by Hebrew speakers all the time.  I became a doula so that I can provide information, support and understanding to women who are more comfortable speaking in English than Hebrew.  I look forward to teaching private classes and forming groups of English speaking women who can learn not only about how to cope with the pain of labour, but who can share with each other their hopes and fears in a safe, English-speaking environment.




Phone: 054 744 0454

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